Gentle Chiropractic Care for Auto, Work, and Sports Injuries
Dr. Heather Dehn, DC
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Read how chiropractic has changed people's lives:

Amazing Changes
Middle & Lower Back Pain


Back pain

Breast Cancer, Knee and Back Problems

Automobile Accident

Kidneys Stopped Functioning

Breathe More Deeply and Slowly

No More Soreness

Affecting Change In My Life

Free of Shoulder Pain

Incredible Changes

Job Easier to Deal With

Able to Move My Neck and Spine

Sleeping Through the Night

My Eyes Are Clearer

Totally Free of Pain

Energy Level Higher

My Attitude Is Better

Tremendous Improvement

Arm Pain Gone

My Life Has Changed So Much

Bleeding Stopped

No Medication

Back Pain Gone

Improved Brain Function

Quality of Life

I Would Have Been in a  Wheelchair

Psoriasis Since 1960

Fibromyalgia and Could Not Sit

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